My research is dedicated to understanding the drivers of species trajectories in natural ecosystems. I use a variety of approaches, ranging from field observations and experiments to theoretical ecology and modeling, to provide insights into population dynamics, community regulation, human-environment interactions, and socio-ecosystem management.

My work has mainly focused on coastal marine ecosystems. After university studies in Ecology and Marine Biology in France and Canada, I started to work on coral ecosystems during a Master's degree in Singapore (2006). My thesis (2007-2011) evaluated the dynamics of coral populations in interaction with different reef communities in French Polynesia. My first Post-Doctorate (2012-2013) evaluated the performance of corals under various environments in New Caledonia. My second Post-Doctorate in California (2014-2017) addressed the drivers of coral community recovery and reef ecosystem resilience in French Polynesia. My third Post-Doctorate (2017-2019) assessed the socio-environmental importance of recreational fishing in the northwestern Mediterranean. My current work at IRD links species performance, community regulation, and human activities in a common framework dedicated to sustainable socio-ecosystem management.

I use modern quantitative tools that I code in R to address the complexity of ecological data. My work is motivated by equity and socio-environmental sustainability. I am passionate about nature, travel, people and their lifestyles and philosophies.


New-Caledonia, French Polynesia, Méditerranée

techniCAL and scientific skills

Theoretical biology: population and community dynamics, functional ecology, resilience

Marine biology: in situ monitoring & experimentation, CAH class IB, coastal permit

Quantitative ecology: generalized (GLM), additive (GAM) and semi-parametric models, R code

Predictive modeling: integrated projection model (IPM) & individual-based (IBM), sensitivity

Conservation: demographic diagnosis, human uses & impacts, vulnerability, ecological restoration