MANagement of Atolls

Pearl farming is the main economic activity of many atolls and islands of French Polynesia and the Cook Islands. However, it remains fragile. One of the weak links is the ability to explain the variability of pearl oyster spat collection efficiency. In particular, the problem depends on the life cycle of oyster populations and lagoon hydrodynamics. This 2017-2022 project focused on better understanding and modeling these aspects for lagoons with contrasting ocean openings, for the sites of Ahe, Takaroa, Raroia and Manihiki.

The ANR MANA project has been closed since September 2022, but in addition to the valorization of the results which will continue for several more years given the volume of data acquired, the same objectives as MANA are already being pursued on new pearl sites (Gambier, Takapoto and Apataki) thanks to funding from French Polynesia and the contribution of the Commission Nationale de la Flotte Côtière.

The scientific publications of the project published to date are listed below.

A 64-page summary document on the results of the project, intended for pearl farming professionals, has been produced for distribution in paper and digital versions. It constitutes the number 25 of the magazine Te Reko Parau published by the partner Direction des Ressources Marines de Polynésie française. It is available on