La seconde édition de l'ouvrage collectif (3 volumes) World of Seas sous la direction de Sheppard sera publié en octobre 2018.

L'UMR Entropie a coordonné 3 chapîtres :

- French Indian Ocean Islands : Lionel Bigot

- New Caledonia : Claude Payri

- French Polynesia: Serge Andréfouët

World Seas: An Environmental Evaluation, Second Edition, Volume II provides a comprehensive review of the environmental condition of the seas from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific. Each chapter is written by experts in the field and includes an historical overview of the sea concerned in environmental terms; uses to which it has been put and to which it is put today; its current environmental status and major problems arising from human use of both the sea and its watershed; informed comment on major trends, problems and successes; and recommendations for the future. World Seas is an invaluable worldwide reference source for students and researchers concerned with marine environmental science, fisheries, oceanography and engineering and coastal zone development.

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