Two new species of Platoma (Schizymeniaceae) from the western South Pacific Ocean
Année de publication2015
Type de documentArticle référencé dans le Web of Science WOS:000357695600008
AuteursD'Archino R., Nelson W. A., Payri Claude, Zuccarello G. C.
SourcePhycologia, 2015, 54 (3), p. 307-315. ISSN 0031-8884
RésuméRecent collections in northern New Zealand and New Caledonia revealed a single undescribed species of Platoma in each of these countries. Platoma novae-zealandiae sp. nov. is distinguished from its New Caledonian congener by its less foliose habit, subterete to flattened branches decreasing in width with increasing level of branching, distinctive protuberant ostiolate cystocarps, and large granular 'gland' cells. These features contrast with the morphology of Platoma novae-caledoniae sp. nov., which was irregularly to pseudodichotomously branched, with branches of almost equal width throughout, more blade-like and polymorphic, with barely protuberant nonostiolate cystocarps and uniformly refractive gland cells. These two species add to the regional floras of these highly biodiverse areas. These new taxa of Platoma increase the total number of species to 10; of these, five are known from the western Pacific, of which four are endemic to the region.