Main activity :

Long involved in projects studying marine mammals, my work at the ENTROPIE joint research unit now focuses on the study of biodiversity in general, using molecular tools. I use DNA to understand the place of species in the kingdom of life, as well as the links and connectivity between populations. I apply phylogeny and population genetics studies to a wide range of species, from algae to whales.

In addition to the technical and scientific support I provide to the UMR, I am also responsible for implementing the Plateforme du Vivant's scientific programme, drawn up in consultation with various partners.

Secondary activity :

I also manage the UMR website.



Parc Naturel de la mer de Corail



Projet WHERE : Génétique des populations de baleines à bosse du Pacifique

Projet TCHITU : Etude des communautés de grands dauphins de l'Indo-Pacifique du sud de la Nouvelle-Calédonie

Projet SIREN : Analyse de la diversité génétique des dugongs de la Nouvelle-Calédonie

Projet Seamounts et FishCode : Barcoding des communautés de poissons des monts sous-marins, création d'une banque d'ADN des espèces du Parc Naturel de la mer de Corail

Projet ELADE : Diversité spécifique et phylogénie des ulves de Nouvelle-Calédonie



Encadrement et formation des stagiaires, thésards, VSC, et contractuels sur la Plateforme du Vivant de l'IRD (Nouméa)


techniC AND scientifiC COMPETENCIES:

- Laboratory : DNA and RNA extraction, PCR amplification, sequencing, cytometry

- Bioinformatic : population genetics, barcoding, phylogeny


Publications :

Bonneville, C.D., Derville, S., Luksenburg, J.A., Oremus, M., Garrigue, C., Social structure, habitat use and injuries of Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops aduncus) reveal isolated, coastal, and threatened communities in the South Pacific, Frontiers in Marine Science (2021), 8, 1–14.

Garrigue, C., Derville, S., Bonneville, C., Cheeseman, T., Baker, C. S., Millet, L., Paton, D., Steel, D., Searching for humpback whales in a historical whaling hotspot of the Coral Sea,South Pacific. Endangered Species Research (2020), 42, 67-82.

Chero, G., Derville, S., Pradel, R., Gimenez, O., Bonneville, C., Garrigue, C., Reproductive capacity of an endangered and recovering population of humpback whales in the Southern Hemisphere. Marine Ecology Progress Series (2020), 643, 219-227.