ReefTEMPS is a network of sensors of temperature, pressure, salinity and other observables in the coastal domain of the South, West and South West Pacific, operated by UMR ENTROPIE. ReefTEMPS is a National Observation Service (SNO) part of the French research infrastructure "littoral and coastal environments" IR ILICO.

The objectives are Long-term monitoring of climate change and its effects on the state of coral reefs and their resources in the Pacific region Study the large-scale climate and regional and local climatic variations of the coastal domain of the different island states of the South and South-West Pacific through time series, mainly of seawater temperature.

The partners involved in the management and piloting of the network are :


Tropical Marine Ecology of Indian and Pacific Ocean 


UMR ENTROPIE is in charge of the coordination of the ReefTEMPS network.


Instrumentation, Analytical Means, Observatories in Geophysics and Oceanography

The US IMAGO ensures the operational management of the observation network.

UMR Marbec

MARine Biodiversity, Exploitation and Conservation

MARBEC UMR participates in the coordination of the network.


Laboratory of Geophysical and Oceanographic Studies

UMR LEGOS is at the origin of the network and remains involved in ReefTEMPS.