Projet ManaCo 


Modern Tools For Innovative Coral Reef MANAgement And COnservation" - "Des Outils Modernes Pour Un MANAgement Et Une COnservation Innovantes Des Récifs Coralliens"

Protected areas, regardless of their design and management, do not currently take into account the resilience of reef species to climate change.

Thus, while the increase in water temperature is an inescapable environmental factor, responsible for bleaching events and even the death of corals and therefore the gradual disappearance of this reef ecosystem, there is nothing to presume the sustainability of a reserve in the face of these increasingly frequent events.

ManaCo, "Modern Tools for Innovative Coral Reef Management and Conservation" is an international network of coral reef stakeholders that brings together local communities, volunteers and decision makers with scientists to improve coral reef conservation.

The focus is on solidarity and building a bridge between indigenous/local knowledge and scientific innovation and integrating this information into various reef heritage management strategies.





Publications :

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